Horticulture Workforce Guide

The Workforce Guide is now complete.

It’s based on interviews with nearly 30 growers covering soft and top fruit, ornamentals, protected cropping and field vegetables. Interviews were carried out between October 2009 and March 2010 and included input from other stakeholders like training providers and colleges, growers membership organisations, and local authorities.

The guide runs to 24 pages and summarises some overarching principles of good workforce management used  by organisations we talked to which you may find helpful.

The 6 principles  are

  1. Adopt good HR practices
  2. Keep your core team employed throughout the year
  3. Find ways to make peak resourcing easier
  4. Be innovative in looking for new blood
  5. Recognise we need to organise our own training
  6. Reach out and promote the industry as a good place to work.

The guide includes case studies of how individual companies apply these principles plus overviews of high performance workforce practices, such as Investors in People and applications of lean manufacturing.

Finally the guide has a list of support organisations with links to them which you should find useful.

You can download the guide at this link.