Video Case Studies

There are four video case studies that illustrate four of our six over-arching principles of good work force management.

Principle 1 – adopt good workforce management practice
has no specific case study.

Principle 2 – retain your core team throughout the year.

Illustrated by Lowaters, an ornamental nursery, who use Annualised Hours to keep their team employed round the year. They pay staff a monthly salary but allow the hours to vary round the year to accommodate seasonal variation.

Here is Maria Fox, Company Secretary telling us what is it and why do it?

Principle Three – take innovative approaches to managing peaks.

This principle is illustrated by Humber-VHB who created an NHS style labour bank to have staff available to meet peak demands. Chris Moncrieff, Director of their West End Nursery explains the thinking behind it.

Principle 4 – Innovation in looking for new blood for the industry is represented by Bardsleys, a top fruit grower in Kent, who recruited a Graduate in English and Communication studies as a junior pack-house manager. Here Nigel Bardsley and Gavin Phelps tell their story – with a little help from Lesley Bardsley.

Principle 5 – organising our own training
has 4 case studies in the main document but no specific video.

Principle 6 – promoting the industry to educators and recruiters
is the key to building a sustainable workforce for the future. Here Emma Fell from Hillier nurseries explains how she worked with the Mountbatten School to help their children achieve Environmental and Land diplomas – and how they recruited an apprentice from the project.