New Fruit Industry Apprenticeships available – fully funded!

At last some real progress in the Apprenticeship saga. One of the big issues at present is the limited nature of funding available from central government and the very restrictive range of eligibility. Hadlow College has been trying to short circuit this for some time by seeking private sector sponsor ship so […]

Update on Lowaters visit

The water is collected from the glasshouse roof and goes through a gravel bed after a silt trap to do a first stage purification. The water ends up in a pit from which it’s pumped up to the main reservoir. The water is purified by a combation of filtration and running through the Iris bed. […]

High performance work practices - a practical review

In the original growing jobs workbook I promised to write a longer paper with the evidence base for some of the things we recommended – particularly the HR practices.

When I was finishing the case studies I was struck by how some of the larger companies were taking on lean methods. I started thinking about […]

Interesting survey on Agricultural Training and working conditions

There’s an interesting report on the Farmers Weekly site about conditions, hours and training provision in the Agricultural industry.

As you would expect there’s lots of issues about training and long hours.

Full report is here