About the Growing Jobs project

The project was set up by SEEDA to look for examples of best practice in using and developing the workforce for the horticultural industry. The Project was managed by Shaun Leavey and Andrew Colquhoun.

SEEDA Horticultural Workforce Champion

SEEDA Horticultural Workforce Champion

I am Dr Alan Rae of Fletching Glasshouses and I have been responsible for carrying out the interviews and producing the case studies. My company sells ornamental plants on the internet and we produce organic vegetable for the local market getting our final Soil Association certification in September 2008. We trade as Fletching Glasshouses. My original training was in Plant Physiology and Biochemistry. These days I do a fair amount of best practice work trading as Ai Consultants.

I would still like to produce a couple more case studies. I’m interested in meeting people with a good story to tell that can be turned into examples of good practice or case studies.

I’m particularly interested if you have successfully recruited native British labour or have good ideas about how to effectively train good technical managers and other middle management to get beyond the reliance on old heads that’s an increasing issue for the industry.