New Fruit Industry Apprenticeships available – fully funded!

At last some real progress in the Apprenticeship saga. One of the big issues at present is the limited nature of funding available from central government and the very restrictive range of eligibility. Hadlow College has been trying to short circuit this for some time by seeking private sector sponsor ship so that training can be offered in a realistic way. And the great news is that they’ve got two fully funded places available for two apprentices wanting to enter the fruit farming sector.


  • The sponsorship will cover training over the three year apprenticeship period and is worth £10,000 per apprentice.
  • Because the funding has been secured from the private sector, there are no age or education barriers and application from graduates and others with higher level qualifications is especially welcome.
  • The intention of the programme is to train entrants for supervisory and middle management roles with prospects for further progress in the industry.
  • Apprentices will be indentured for a three year period during which time they will complete a nationally accredited programme including fruit production, storage, packaging, promotion, marketing and management techniques.
  • The UK fruit industry has fully recovered from the severe setbacks suffered during the eighties and nineties and the sector is witnessing substantial new and progressive investment.
  • The modern fruit industry is science, engineering and technology based.

Fruit production is one of Kent’s most important farming sectors. The county is the UK’s largest producer of top fruit.

The journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step.  So let’s hope this is the beginning of the industry reclaiming it’s destiny.

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