Building a World Class Workforce

This book came from a project carried out for SEEDA to develop some general principles about how to build a world class workforce for the horticultural industry. I talked to about 30 growers and unearthed some interesting case studies about innovative ways that real companies had used to develop their workforces.

Horticulture is a highly technical industry but is seen as a Cinderella by policy makers and educators as it doesn’t fit the usual pattern where qualifications map easily to expertise.

This is of course normal amongst SMEs who continue to baffle the good and the great. The book’s influenced strongly by my own experiences of running businesses in IT and horticulture as an organic grower and I have tried to develop insights that are useful to anyone running a small business.

The second half of the book provides an evidence base and embeds the findings of the research into current management thinking about high performance work practices and current approaches like Lean and Smart Working.

You can sample the book here

You can buy it via the site or you can buy it directly from the Author here for £11.99 inc post and packing.

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