School of Fruit Growing

One of the themes that came out of the original study was that we need to take control of our own education and training. Since this site was set up as a means for the industry to talk to itself I’m quite happy to describe new initiatives here – Public or Private – as long as they’re relevant.

When talking about the project at the National Fruit Show last week, I found out about a new 4 module on Fruit growing from FAST. This 4 day course runs one day a month from December to March and covers

  1. Soil management – types, structure and nutrition
  2. Tree Physiology and Management
  3. Harvesting and Storage
  4. Pest and Disease control.

As demand for UK fruit increases the need to supply fruit over a longer season requires a good understanding of the influence of the picking date and storage conditions on fruit quality.

It costs £350 + VAT per day. If you are south east based you may qualify for some grant funding. More details from Sheenagh Levett on 07950 775161 or via the web site

The course focuses on top and stone fruit, but similar courses aimed at soft fruit are also available.

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